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  1. Kept budgies for years, new to tiels', looking for advice.

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi all, I'm from England and I'm looking at getting a cockatiel bird for my fiance as she loves birds, we also have two budgies that we've had for 3+ years. I'm fairly confident with keeping the bird from what I have researched with regards to their diet, cage, health issues to look out for...
  2. ISO Tiel and Budgie Recipe

    Food And Nutrition
    I have two cockatiels and a budgerigar. I see loads of really nice fresh food recipes but some of them don't seem tiny bird friendly. They all live in the same cage and eat from multiple food dishes. I used to seperate the food but now I mix it all together since they odn't have a preference for...
  3. Hello, from soon to be mum of Pearl Pied

    Hello all :) My name is Charlotte but you can call me Foobzy. I live in the UK and have recently moved from Norfolk to Nottingham and I love it! Soon as I moved out I had to get my life-long dream of owning a cockatiel. I've recently just bought a hand-reared Pearl Pied of just 3 weeks of age...
  4. Clearwing budgie

    Other Pets
    Hey all When I was younger, my parents gave me a budgie for Christmas one year. He was THE most beautiful little bird, I've ever seen - sky blue and white, without a single black spot on him. I called him Angel. I since found out that he was what they call a Clearwing budgie - no dark spots...