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  1. Cockatiel Talk
    Hi everyone! I'm Sarah, I like in Elizabeth, CO. I'm interested in adopting a cockatiel and I have discovered that I don't really know where to look for a reputable breeder and hand-fed or friendly cockatiels. I reached out to Avila Aviary in Franktown, CO but unfortunately she has a waiting...
  2. Cockatiel Breeding
    I am having trouble finding breeders. I live in Pittsburgh PA and I am having trouble even finding local ones. I am looking for a specific type, I'll post example pictures.
  3. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi there everybody :) - I want to discuss a problem i have with my cockateil pair. Male is a heavy pied and female is a pearl. - Pair is confirm as Male whistles and female is always silent. - Not sure of age but I have them for last 6 months. - Male looks inside the breeding box but never...
  4. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hello, There was another posting asking this same question I found, but no response. Does anyone know of a reputable breeder in western MA? Or New England for that matter.
  5. Cockatiel Talk
    It has been confirmed!! The agent finally got back to me, and the landlord (I live in a rented house), said YES. Gaah I went out of my mind with happiness :p. I have already contacted a breeder, here is the link if anyone wants to check it out: He...
1-5 of 5 Results