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  1. Training and Bonding
    Hey all, I need some tips on how to progress bonding to the next level. I recently got a new cocktail about 10 days ago and just yesterday she started eating from my hand with the cage open. Today I was able to get her to perch on my finger while she was eating out of a bowl but once the treat...
  2. Training and Bonding
    Hi All, Hope ye can help, I Kenny my new tiel a week and i started today the taming process i have had succes of getting him to eat off my finger im just wondering could you tell me if my methods are ok i found the method on...
  3. Training and Bonding
    Hey can anyone help me? I just bought 2 cockatiels and this is my first time rearing a i don't really have any experience. Anyway, they are doing pretty fine, they look healthy but whenever i go near them, they start shaking and when i open the cage gate, they start going crazy. Any...
1-3 of 3 Results