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blood in the poop
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  1. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hey, guys, Sorry to post so many times today. I'm new at this and have a sick bird who's puzzling me & the vet, and I have a lot of questions. Any suggestions for nutritional or supplement support for a picky-eater cockatiel with blood in stool? It was occasional the last few days, but this...
  2. Your Cockatiels Health
    My bird has a yeast infection and a bacterial infection, and blood is starting to show up in his droppings more regularly the last 24 hours. I've read some information that sucralfate (the ulcer aid the vet prescribed in case that's causing the bleeding) can interfere with enroflaxocin...
  3. Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi everyone!!! I have a pair of cockatiel breeding at the momment!!! The female just lay her second egg. I found out that the egg have blood stained on it. Also, when she poop, there is 2 drops of blood in the poop. Is it normal? How come is there blood? My other breeding cockatiels never...
1-3 of 3 Results