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  1. Hi! New "abandoned" baby tiel parent (taking advice! a bit of a long post)

    Hey ya'll! [A bit of a (trigger) warning for missing birbs.] So, I've had two cockatiels for around two years now, Romeo and Lestat, and they quite recently had a baby! (they had 3 eggs, but one wasn't strong enough to hatch and was found it too late and the other one died in their first day, I...
  2. Cockatiel owners in Florida - for birdsitting

    Cockatiel Talk
    Fellow tiel lovers, my wife and I are moving to Florida in June (Melbourne area). We have two tiels who we just love. We like to travel and when we have we often times, for extended trips, have been able to leave our tiels with someone who we know who also has tiels. We have never boarded our...
  3. Used Bird Cage Cleaning?

    Chit Chat
    Hi guys! So i have a question, this isn't for any of my Tiels; it's actually for my budgies, but it's related too birds! so anyways, here's my Question: What's the best way too clean a used Bird cage? I've heard some floaters about washing it with bleach,lemons,vinegar,soapy water. I only...
  4. Bird Boarding

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hey guys, I recently had to go away for a week or so and panicked for a bit about what I was going to do with Peachy. Fortunately I found this webpage: so if you guys ever need someone to board your bird now you...