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  1. Training and Bonding
    Hello and welcome everyone. I am coming here to seek for advice for my two male cockatiels. Billy its older cockatiel, we got him from pet store when he was around 7 weeks old, not tamed, scared of everything. We got him cage, bunch of toys, seeds to eat (we are still trying to get him to eat...
  2. Cockatiel Talk
    Hello Everyone! I took in my little buddy George a few months ago and he is making a considerable amount of progress in this short period of time. A little back story on George, he was surrendered to a small pet store by a family who left him alone in his cage. We were told he had a few cage...
  3. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello, I’ve a new Cockatiel since last Tuesday, we’ve make huge improvements since then, he let’s me touch him and he loves perching into my shoulder and chew onto my hair. Since I've read so many posts and information towards some subjects... different answers came and it has confused me to no...
  4. Cockatiel Talk
    Scared the heck out of me at first when I saw Bruce having a grand ol' time really splashing around in his bathtub... in pink water (blood!?). Turned out a small red wooden toy fell into the tub, which he was ignoring until then. Will Bruce look tie-dyed if his bath water had a teeny tiny dab...
  5. Cockatiel Pictures
    Hi all, I thought I might show off some pics of my beautiful boy! I hope this is the right place. I'm unable to resize pics tho as my computer is in the hospital at the moment so if they are too big could someone help me out? This pic is Charlie posing after his bath. He was loving being...
  6. Cockatiel Talk
    Frank has been with me since last August and in all this time getting him wet, even just a slight mist, has been impossible. He will fly away when I try to spray him, if I do it in the morning before letting him out of his cage he will scream bloody murder, basically he is my only bird I have...
  7. Cockatiel Talk
    Just want to know the minimum amount of time a bird should have to dry off. Thanks!
  8. Cockatiel Talk
    My lutino cockatiel, Binkie, loves water. He bathes at least every other day, if not more. But these days, we find him sat in his water bowl at least 3 times a day, even if he's already had a proper bath in a spacious container where he can splash about and stuff. He acts happy, he just happily...
  9. Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi all, I joined this forum to learn more about cockatiels as I acquired my first this past Wednesday. I have read where some take the bird in the shower, while others set out bowls with water with or with out lettuce and then others have an in cage bath. What I'm wondering is when to begin the...
  10. Cockatiel Videos
    I had to share my little girl. to be honest am not sure if she is a she or not but ya know what she is to me. take a gander. There is two video's of Pebble so far Pebbles bath and Pebbles voice hope you enjoy.. I did:D
  11. Your Cockatiels Health
    I am curious if it is possible to "over" bathe a cockatiel. I hear once a week with a spray bottle is a minimum. is every day ok? They seem to enjoy it so much.
1-11 of 11 Results