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  1. Strange orange on my cockatiel's beak ..

    Your Cockatiels Health
    I found this strange thing on my cockatiel's beak. It's not stuck food, I tried gently rubbing it with water. What do I do? Is a vet visit necessary? She is 6 weeks old.
  2. Hi! New "abandoned" baby tiel parent (taking advice! a bit of a long post)

    Hey ya'll! [A bit of a (trigger) warning for missing birbs.] So, I've had two cockatiels for around two years now, Romeo and Lestat, and they quite recently had a baby! (they had 3 eggs, but one wasn't strong enough to hatch and was found it too late and the other one died in their first day, I...
  3. How long can a chick go without food?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    I have a 4 day old chick that it’s parents abandoned. I go back to work tomorrow and I want to know how long can the chick go without eating? I’m planning on feeding before I go to work and will come home for lunch. But by the time I come for lunch, the chick will be without food for 4 hours. I...
  4. How often should a baby/young tiel poop?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    An 8 week old in particular? Do they poop less often than adults? Mine don't poop every 20 minutes like I know adults should, I've seen them poop 30-60 minute intervals and sometimes more (during the day) but all the poops are consistent in size and shape etc. They eat for most of the day too so...
  5. Buying 7 week old Baby Cockatiels, and Hand Feeding

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi! It's been a while since posting here. There are two baby cockatiels (:grey tiel: :lutino: ) that I have fallen in love with, and the breeder said they would be ready after June 5. From my phone conversation (although the line was a little muffled), I learned they are not hand fed but are...
  6. My little beanie baby!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    I got this little guy because he has a splayed leg, soooooo, we couldn't really sell him. Bean was thought to be a white face but his crest and cheeks just popped out some yellow! He was bred in an aviary so I have no idea his parents.
  7. Nelly meeting the baby for the first time!

    Cockatiel Pictures
    So this is a picture I took of one of my year old male Nelly meeting his new baby sister Yoshi for the first time. I thought you guys would appreciate this ~(:>){{{<|:grey tiel:
  8. Favorite video of Alpha

    Cockatiel Videos
    This is my favorite video of my 4 week old cockatiel Alpha. It looks like its either saying "Hey come on, no okay ill go myself" or " wanna play? you count and ill hide"
  9. My new baby bird, Amelie :D

    Cockatiel Pictures
    This Saturday I picked up my baby girl, Amelie. She's from an excellent breeder in the south of England (I travelled from central Scotland to pick her up, phew!) and she's the most darling little thing. Here she is on her first day home taking a little nap in my hand: Soooo happy to have...
  10. Helping baby?

    Cockatiel Talk
    Okay, so Kiwi started coming out of the nest :) She is very clumsy on the bottom of the cage, the parents were feeding her. As far as I know at this age they still need the warm temperature of the nest most times (she is 28 days old). Looks like she cannot figure out how to get back in the nest...
  11. First baby- rearing help!!

    Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi guys, Im buying my second tiel after getting my first 6 months ago. I brought it off a friend and was thrilled to get to finish the last 2 weeks of hand rearing myself. My new little lutino will be 4 weeks when I get him/her and although Im excited to be rearing my own bird again Im a bit...
  12. Need some advice on a new incubator hatched baby

    Cockatiel Breeding
    Okay, first off... I'm new to this forum but I've been looking for a place to help me for a few weeks now. I came across this one and I'm hoping someone can put me at ease... lol. A few weeks ago my female hen, Bonnie, became egg bound leaving behind her mate and six eggs. It was late at...
  13. Really concerned! Please help.

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hello Again, Im probably just a worried new mum, but i only just got my 6 week old (nearly 7 now) cockatiel, her weight is 80g (i think this is okay but would like to know for sure (shes maintaining that weight)). The part that concerns me is that she looks like she thinks my other (elderly)...
  14. 6 Week Old Baby Behavior...

    Cockatiel Breeding
    Hi everyone, Im fairly new to the forum, ive never had a cockatiel this young, its her 2nd day with me but im concerned that she doesn't know how/utilize the bars to get to perches... She ATTEMPTS to fly/jump up to higher perches, mostly falls. The way she gets down is jumping/crashing... Im...
  15. 2 Normal gray (or are they?) parents. Baby's too?

    Cockatiel Breeding
    I have a normal gray (from what I see) cockatiel pair. The mom laid 4 eggs but only 2 were successful. Now the chicks are about 2 weeks old, healthy, and really jumpy :) The oldest chick is only 2 days older than the youngest. Yeah, they're pretty cute. But I noticed that the oldest chick has...
  16. 7 Week Old with hardly any feathers

    Your Cockatiels Health
    Hi everyone. I'm knowledgable about a lot of animals but honestly, this is stumping me. This cockatiel baby will be 7 weeks tomorrow. She has all her tail feathers and what I would call "flight feathers" but the rest of her wings and body are completely bald. If this wasn't one of my own...
  17. Is my baby thin?

    Your Cockatiels Health
    This is Rango, my second cockatiel but my first baby tiel. First off, I would like to say the problem I am having is that my baby almost died. I missed a late night feeding, and woke up to a barely conscience bird. He has since been revived but I wonder if he is thin for his age. The only clue...
  18. Hello y'all!

    Hello, I just discovered this website and i'm very excited about it. I have had parakeets and a lovebird in the past, and just purchased my first cockatiel 5 days ago. She is a baby cinnamon whiteface named Cleo. She is only 5 weeks old and is still in the exotic bird store (birdy paradise)...
  19. New pictures of my baby, Pasha.

    Cockatiel Pictures
    I can bring him home in three weeks. :] I wish it was sooner i'm so excited. Cleaning himselfff, He loves bracelets, haha...
  20. What type of cockatiel is my baby?

    Cockatiel Mutations and Genetics
    Hello, i just bought my baby cockatiel, Pasha, on friday and I heard there are different types of them like, pearl, cinnamon, and pied. I'm new to cockatiels, therefor I don't know much about the types of them. I forgot to ask the breeder I bought him from I paid 105 for my little man. :D Please...