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  1. Astro and his new Feathers :)

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Hey Guys!! :) For the Past couple of Weeks Astro has been going through his molt...there were so many pinnies everywhere!!...he was so moody and only let me give him scritches once or twice a day....atleast now he's a bit happier,not as moody anymore,so we both happier...and just recently his...
  2. Happy 5 Months Astro!!! :D

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Hey there guys! I thought I'd just like to Share that Astro is 5 Months old Today!! Happy Happy,he's been in a great Mood,like he knows :)..he got some Extra TLC today :)
  3. FINALLY...Some new pics of my Growing boy Astro <3

    Cockatiel Pictures
    Hey are some new pics of my little buddy,Astro :D
  4. Cage Time for my Astro :)

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    :pJust some new pics of Astro in the Cage :p
  5. Some New Snapshots of my Boy :D :)

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    Here are some Recent Photos of My boy,Astro :)
  6. Good diet?

    Food And Nutrition
    Hey everybody..does anyone have any ideas for the ideal,well balanced diet that i can offer Astro ??(My 3 Month old pearl pied cockatiel)...Any advice would be a BIG Help :D :)...Thanx Guys!
  7. Astro

    Cockatiel Pictures
    :p:love: My Astros First Entry for Cockatiel of the Month! Haha,,being new to this event,I'd just thought I'd give it a try..After all,,every cockatiel on the forum is Wonderful :p:love: