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  1. Dechiphering body language pt1

    Training and Bonding
    Hello~ :lutino: I can tell for the most part what my tiel is trying to tell me through his body language. But, there's this one thing I just cannot dechipher, and nor have I seen it on the internet guides about bird behaviour; Cody, in his cage, goes to the side on his perch and grabs a bar...
  2. Aggression Towards Handler?

    Training and Bonding
    I have had my teil for about 3 months now and things were going great. He loved to come out of his cage and sit with me. He enjoyed lots of head rubs and was not aggressive towards me. He started flying and has gotten better but sometimes he used to miss and fall behind a chair or something...
  3. Help! How to get a cockatiel to take a bath when he hates it?

    Cockatiel Talk
    HELLP!! I want to bathe my cockatiel, but he HATES it. Literally. Once I try he just gets all cross and upset and doesn't want to play with me for the next five minutes. I have tried EVERYTHING! I've tried the sink, but it just gets frightened and flies away. Spray, he thinks I'm scolding him...
  4. An Angry Bird

    Training and Bonding
    Hi everyone, I just joined this forum today, and I hope someone can help me with my bird. We have a male cockatiel named Smookey we have owned for about 8 years. While my memory of him when we first bought him is hazy, I do recall a more kind and friendly bird, one who would enjoy his head...
  5. Why does my bird attack his toys???

    Training and Bonding
    My bird has a sweet nature never bites, loves for people to be around. But just lately he has been attacking two of his toys, ones a plastic sunflower with a mirror and bell and the other is a rope with wood shapes. He never really did this before he used to just grab the bell with his mouth and...
  6. Cockatiel wants to chew on everything?

    Training and Bonding
    My cockatiel, Louie, has recently gotten into this phase of eating/chewing on everything in sight! He's about 8 years old. He keeps trying to eat our chairs and couches with cloth material on them. He gets angry if you try to stop him and hisses! When he's not chewing on the furniture or things...
  7. My bird keeps flying away from me when I try to get her on my finger!! HELP

    Training and Bonding
    My tiel, Cali, and I are extremely close... Back in the end of January, I moved out of my parent's house (where my bird is) to an apartment with my boyfriend and I couldn't bring her because they don't allow pets :( BUT, I would visit and she would be fine, nuzzling me, loving me, coming to...
  8. Cockatiels not getting along

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hi, Firstly I am new to this forum so hello everyone :) Ok so I started out by buying a lutino female cockatiel, from the day I got her when she was 8 weeks old, she seemed a bit snappy, but I thought as time went on she would settle down. About 3 months later I bought a yellow and grey boy at...