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  1. Peanuts?

    Food And Nutrition
    Quick question: are peanuts an important part of a cockatiel's diet? Just worried since I am very allergic to peanuts, if I eat them I go through anaphylactic shock and touching them causes hives, itching, sneezing, etc. I'm also slightly allergic to other nuts but no where near as bad as...
  2. Saying goodbye to the birds

    Cockatiel Talk
    Hello everyone! I've been busy with school and things, and was planning to be more involved in the community during my breaks But it doesn't look like that will be happening, as my sister was just recently confirmed as severely allergic to birds. On the bright side, this means that my mother no...
  3. Sneezy Old Man

    Your Cockatiels Health
    This morning I rushed Sunny to the vet because he started wheezing and open-mouth breathing while he was eating his breakfast. It was similar to when they get water in their nose and snort it out, but without anything to reasonably precipitate the reaction. He had a very brief similar episode on...