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  1. I Need Help with Reactions

    Training and Bonding
    As you can tell from some previous posts, we're having some real trouble with Pip. He may be hormonal, or he may just be developing into a generally aggressive bird (he's never been an easy bird). I was attacked again today. He ate breakfast with us on my shoulder, no problems, then was...
  2. Increasing Problems

    Training and Bonding
    Pip is not a nice bird, and it is getting worse. We've had him since August and have had moderate problems with him from the beginning. He has always been a biter. He does not like fingers. He is isn't scared of them, he just hates them. I can not get him to step up on command (only...
  3. Desperate for help! :(

    Training and Bonding
    Hi everyone, I got my beautiful cockatiel 'Rodger' last July when he was around 6months old. He was hand raised, super friendly and cuddly. We really bonded in the first few months and got along pretty well. Except early this year he started biting.. It started being just when I took something...
  4. Blinky is Confusing me!

    Cockatiel Talk
    So I have a pet Cockatiel named Blinky who I got few weeks ago. He's been doing well and seems to be adjusted to his new home. He likes to make noises with me and I taught him a kissy noise, a few whistles, and he says "pretty bird." I talk to him quite a bit, and when I leave the room he'll...