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adolecence and very noisy

  1. Is any actual training needed??

    Training and Bonding
    Hello everyone, first post here, thank you so much for having me!! This is definitely a question that has been asked before but I'm at a crossroads with my boy Mojo here. He's a latino cockatiel (not sexed, but acts like a male in pretty much every way) born on March 24th, 2020 and me and my...
  2. Suddenly very Chatty and noisy & grumpy and happy???.. PMS FOR TIELS? LOL

    Cockatiel Talk
    Very strange moods???.. what the **** is going on!! I'v had Chicken now for decent few months she used to be very quiet.. and standoffish when i first got her. . then a month later she gets closer to me then as time wen by she got even more close to me she let me rub her head with my nose and...