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I got a cockateil about 2 weeks ago and I’ve very familiar with them I used to have one, and this weird green mark just appeared and I was wondering if any of you fello cockateil owners have an idea what it is?
Myself and two of my flock of 4 cheeky and spike
New cockatiel servant, this cutie chose me and I'm learning more and more about this species daily. Any input on type, age, crest condition, nostrils or health appreciated. He's quite the character and so friendly if loud 📢 sometimes
Alfie knows the texture and sound of plastic ...
I bought a pair of cocaktieles 2 days ago, i brought them to my home and they havent eaten anything, i dont know whats happening i would like you to help me indicating me what to do, they dont even drink water. they have been in the same place since they came
Hey everyone I want a little help my new 1 n half month old cockatiel that I bought from my neighborhood is sitting on a bottom n hissing on me on sudden and not eating any food. At morning he was very playful and slept in afternoon also. But suddenly his behavior has changed what would I do?